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        2020-12-07 15:33:00

        To sell product, sell yourself first!

        01. Achieve the successful sales development agreed targets.

        02. Identify new target end users and new opportunities in the assigned territory.

        03. Plan and organize sales activities, such as demo and solution presentations to find out what end users really need.

        04. Lead the real needs of end users.
              Sometimes it costs too much to realize the needs of users. At this time, negotiation and compromise are very important.

        05. Build, maintain, broaden and strengthen good relationships with our 
        end users.

        Cooperate with colleagues in the after-sales department to provide high-quality service for users.
              Service is the most valuable product of our company and the reason why users trust us.

        07. It doesn't matter if you are selling a system or just a small component, please remember that there is an experienced product team behind you.

        Cooperate with Finance Department to improve the performance of receivables and overdues.

        Working Location
        Mainly in Chengdu, could accept frequent business trip

        General Requirements

        1. Have at least one education or working background as follows:
            Mechanical, Electrical, Physical, Chemical, Vacuum, Material Characterization techniques

        Be able to send E-mails in English.

        3. If you used to work in the field of material characterization or vacuum and now want to challenge yourself, don't hesitate to
        contact us: 028-88429022

        Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so!